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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Everyone has a pelvis (and a pelvic floor)! 

...which only means that no matter who you are, you could have issues with yours

The Good News? 

There are providers (like us) who specialize in things like: 

  •      urinary/fecal incontinence (with or without urgency/frequency)

  •      chronic/persistent pelvic pain

  •      vulvodynia

  •      vaginismus

  •      pain with sex

  •      sexual dysfunction

  •      pregnancy and post-partum issues (pain, prolapse, DRA)

  •      chronic constipation

  •      pudendal neuralgia

  •      rectal pain

  •      tailbone pain

  •      pre and post op surgeries (GI, OBGYN, gender affirmation)

  •      healing after sexual/physical abuse/trauma

  •      generalized core weakness (related or not to previous injury/scar tissue)

  •      complicated orthopedic spine/hip pain

  •      shoulder/neck/arm/headache pain related to chest surgeries


  • internal vaginal/rectal and/or external pelvic floor muscle assessment (*as indicated for pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction)

  • self-care training tools: dilators, wands, etc.

  • post-partum fitness training(from general fitness to high-level athletics including running, weight-lifting, etc.)

  • pelvic organ prolapse risk profile   

  • soft tissue/myofascial mobilization (many methods)

  • visceral mobilization   

  • dry needling

  • joint mobilization

  • myofascial decompression ("cupping")

  • therapeutic and functional exercise/movement

  • injury screens

  • sport-specific assessments and training

  • fitness for mental health

  • breathwork/mindfulness

  • holistic pain management (nutrition, sleep, stress management, social factors)

  • individualized plan of care based on your unique goals 

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