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Healing at Home Physical Therapy LLC is a Pelvic Health and Wellness concierge service providing specialized 1:1 care for pre-pregnant, pregnant, and post-partum people in the comfort of their own homes.
(*Telehealth consults/coaching also available)


Reduce Pain. Prevent dysfunction. Delight in the journey.


How can a Pelvic Health Specialist Help Me?

Be your best at being a parent by being your healthiest you.


Some common issues in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum:

  • pelvic pain (including hip and back pain, "sciatica," tailbone, pain with sex, abdominal pain, rib pain, pain with defecation, generalized pelvic pain)

  • pelvic floor muscle dysfunction

  • pubic symphysis dysfunction/osteitis pubis

  • infertility

  • scar tissue adhesions (surgical, endometriosis-related, other trauma)

  • diastasis recti/DRAM

  • pelvic organ prolapse ("why does it feel heavy down there? like something is falling out?")

  • confusion about exercise (starting, stopping, or post-partum fitness)

  • incontinence with or without urgency/frequency (bladder and bowel)

  • bladder or rectal pain

  • sexual dysfunction (including pain and reduced orgasm)

  • urinary and bowel dysfunction (urgency/frequency, pain, difficulty emptying, chronic constipation) 

  • post-partum recovery ("Is this normal?")

  • surgical/recovery from traumatic labor and delivery (cesarean, perineal tears)

  • "High Risk" pregnancy concerns ("how can I safely get through my day?")

  • neck and shoulder pain ("how is this little baby so darn heavy?")

  • post-partum fitness (return to sport: running, CrossFit, weight-lifting, sport-specific training)






By using evidenced-based, individualized, trauma-informed, always affirming, compassion-first care. 

Some common interventions may include (*not limited to):

  • internal vaginal/rectal and/or external pelvic floor muscle assessment

  • soft tissue/myofascial mobilization (many methods)

  • self-care training tools: dilators, wands, etc.

  • prolapse risk profile 

  • visceral mobilization

  • dry needling

  • joint mobilization

  • myofascial decompression ("cupping")

  • therapeutic and functional exercise/movement

  • sport-specific training

  • post-partum fitness (from general fitness to high-level athletics)

  • fitness for mental health

  • breathwork/mindfulness

  • holistic persistent pain management (nutrition, sleep, stress management, social factors)

  • individualized plan of care based on your personal goals

For Patients
Common things I've heard (and helped with!) from my clients (you're not alone!)

"But Dr. Sarah, isn't this [pain, incontinence] just what happens when you get pregnant and have a baby? Don't I just have to grit my teeth and bear it? It's not like you can prevent this stuff, right?"

"I didn't know that scar tissue could affect my fertility.  That was years ago."

"I thought pregnancy was supposed to be this magical, wonderful experience...I'm in constant pain and I have zero energy."

"I haven't been able to get back to my sex life since having our baby.  I'm in a same-sex relationship and I feel like my providers don't know how to talk to me about this." 

"I want to get pregnant soon, but feel like I need to make a plan to get into shape first.  My mom and sisters had so many problems."

"I'm thinking about getting pregnant, but I've had issues 'down there' for so long...I feel like getting pregnant will just make everything worse."

"I haven't been able to have sex without horrible pain since having my kid last year.  It's affecting my relationship and I don't know what to do."

"I've always been athletic but after having these kids my body just feels broken. I can't even jog slowly without leaking.  I'll never be fit again."

"I know that I am susceptible to post-partum depression.  I've heard things like being on a specific kind of exercise program can help, but I don't know where to start or what is safe."

"I had a very traumatic labor and delivery and needed stitches. Everything hurts down there, I'm afraid to look, and now I'm leaking too.  I'm so desperate."

"I'm a non-binary pregnant person and I have a really difficult time finding providers who understand me and my body."

"I have a long history of trauma and abuse and having this baby has triggered a lot of my pain.  My provider says just give it some time, it will probably go away."

"I heard that I shouldn't try any new exercise that I haven't done before now that I'm pregnant."


"This has been an awful experience...I pushed for over 8 hours only to have a cesarean.  Now I have a diastasis recti, tons of lower abdominal pain, and now I feel like something is falling out of my vagina.  Why doesn't anyone tell you about this?"

**This is just a small sample.  In my 12 years of clinical practice, I've heard these statements soooo many times.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation (or lack thereof) given to the pre-preggo, pregnant and post-partum populations which often causes limitations in improving quality of life, ignores preventive measures, and flat-out causes despair.  My interventions are based on the most recent evidence-based practice.  There is not one scenario above that we cannot improve together.  Not one.  I am here to help change the standard of care.  Let's work together.



Healing at Home Physical Therapy provides 1:1 individualized treatments in the comfort of your home.  Telehealth consults can also offer great success.  The choice is yours! 

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telehealth logo.png

Telehealth Consultation
(Phone or Video)

Individualized Evaluations and Treatments

In the place you call home.

Evaluations ~ 90 minutes

Treatment Sessions ~ 60 minutes

Let's have a quick chat to make sure we're the BEST possible fit for each other. 

Video or phone chat, whichever you prefer.

60 Min Consult

30 min Consult

*Please note that diagnoses cannot be made over phone/video, however,  many clients enjoy this format with great success. 


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My mission is to serve those wishing to get pregnant, those who are currently pregnant and those who are in the post-partum period with the highest level of evidence-based treatment, individualized focus, and radically compassionate care possible.


After enduring IVF treatments, experiencing pregnancy loss, eventually getting pregnant...then going through the emotional and physical stressors of a high-risk pregnancy, I've decided to streamline my professional focus into helping those who have a similar story.  After practicing in Pelvic Health for 12+ years, I was well aware that these issues could feel so isolating.  The personal realization of this was mind-blowing.  


My approach is to empower you to take back your life, your body, your joy.  I will help you manage your health alongside other providers, and/or assist in finding those clinicians who will help to ensure the most comprehensive care plan possible.  The more brains, the better! 


The "most heard" feedback I receive from my clients is: "No one has ever explained any of this to me before. Now I get it.


After 8 years of higher education (BS from Penn State, DPT from NYU) and 12 more years of clinical practice, post-doc continuing education, and board certification as a Pelvic Health Specialist...I remain obsessive about learning the newest, the best, and the most specialized and effective treatments and approaches to care...


...because that is the bare minimum my clients deserve.   

Always affirming.  Trauma-informed.  Compassion-forward. 


*This is me around 6-7 months pregnant, maintaining a pretty high-intensity workout.  I loved feeling strong while pregnant and know that staying fit allowed for a faster post-partum recovery.

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