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We take PRIDE in serving The Triangle's active community with the care they deserve by eliminating pain, optimizing recovery, and demanding whole-person wellness. 

If you've ever felt forgotten or misunderstood by the traditional medical community...
you're in the right place. 

Dig deep. Discover strength. Live it up. 

At Pride Health & Wellness, you will receive 1:1 expert care from a Doctor of Physical Therapy who also happens to specialize in pelvic health. 
All ages. All genders. 
Compassion First. Trauma Informed. Always affirming. 


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​Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Having issues "below the belt" is beyond frustrating and at times, can even be isolating.  Trust us, you're not alone!  We have over a decade of experience treating people of all ages and genders with things like pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic/genital pain, urinary and bowel incontinence, rectal pain, chronic constipation, sexual dysfunction, tailbone pain, pre-pregnancy/pregnancy/post-partum care,  and pre- and post-operative care (including gender-affirming procedures).  

Basically, if you have a problematic pelvis (or want to avoid having one!), we've got you covered. 

Let's get you back to living your life. 

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Orthopedics and Sports Performance

From high-level athletes, to weekend warriors, to folks who want to become physically fit and active but don't know where to start...we've got you covered.  We know first-hand how frustrating injuries and being sidelined can be.  We also personally understand the realities of post-partum recovery.  Whether you're struggling with a nagging injury, want to avoid surgeries and medications, or need a boost in bumping up your fitness or PR goals, we are here for you.   


At Pride, we will never tell you: "you'd better not do that anymore." 


At Pride, we say: "yes, you can...let's get you back and better than before.

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Health & Wellness Coaching/Continuity Programming

Guided by the evidence-based pillars of health, we can help you to not only keep your pain away for good, but empower you to take charge of blowing your health and fitness goals out of the water.   This is for the person who refuses any other path but to adopt our mantra for life:

Dig Deep. Discover Strength. Live it up.    

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Dr. Sarah Ecker, PT, DPT, PRPC (she/her)
Owner...and Your #1 Fan! 

My mission is to serve those who have otherwise felt disregarded, misunderstood, or just feel apprehensive about seeking health and fitness care of any kind for fear of encountering indifference, discrimination, or worse: complete neglect.  As a queer woman, I am unfortunately well-versed in this predicament.  No one deserves to suffer in silence with debilitating problems because of who you are, how you present, or what your history may be.  You deserve to feel safe, strong, and live well!


My approach is to empower you to take back your life, your body, your joy.  I will help you manage your health alongside other providers, and/or assist in finding those who will help to ensure the most comprehensive care plan possible.  As a lifetime athlete, I know what it feels like to be sidelined--whether it's tearing your ACL for the second time or recovering from a cesarian section along with a new hip labral tear following a high-risk delivery.  Trust me, you can get it back!   


The "most heard" feedback I receive from my clients is:

"No one has ever explained any of this to me before...

now I get it.


After 8 years of higher education (BS from Penn State, DPT from NYU) and 12 more years of clinical practice, post-doc continuing education, and Pelvic Rehab Practitioner Certification...I remain obsessive about learning the newest, the best, and the most specialized and effective treatments and approaches to care...


...because that is the bare minimum my clients deserve.   

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*This is me around 6-7 months pregnant, maintaining a pretty high-intensity workout.  I loved feeling strong while pregnant and know that staying fit allowed for a faster post-partum recovery.

About Me


Pride Health and Wellness, LLC provides 1:1 evidence-based, individualized, informed and affirming treatments by a

Doctor of Physical Therapy. 

*For special cases during pregnancy and post-partum, we will come to your home as needed.

All in-person sessions are 60 minutes.

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4810 Hope Valley Rd STE 107, Durham, NC 27707

(Office inside of Synergy)

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